A retired country preacher in South Carolina and clergy member of the Global Methodist Church. I offer observations and meditations not properly footnoted academic papers. I love to read those not write them. I encourage everyone , especially seminarians, to always be reading at least one book that is older than you are. We have 4,000 years of theological reflection available to us. There is much worthwhile that was not written by Adam Hamilton.

I know I can get snarky. I’m working on it.

I tend to preach in vernacular.

Almost every post is written in one sitting on an Android phone with a small keyboard. Little proofreading or editing, so my condolences to the English majors for some of what you are about to encounter.

God Bless, and may these words find you in peace.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your insights. Please put me on your email list. May our loving God continue to lead us through these difficult times. May we do His will.


  2. Just found your site. I am finishing up a presentation for my church and have promised it would be fair and balanced. Thanks for the information and I will continue to follow your ramblings.
    Unfortunately we are way behind in South Carolina as you discuss.
    Based on my information tonight, a significant number of churches left today. I hope we have a better handle in the coming week.
    Art Jordan

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