A postscript for our Church in desperate times

The Church attempts vainly to interject itself as a relevant participant in the solution, but too many of those who are in a position to speak for her have already corrupted her witness. Do you think the people do not notice that it is those of you who have refused any correction by the church who now seek to tell others what they must do because the church says so?   Do you think the people do not notice that it is those of you who have devised clever schemes to discount the plain sense of scripture who now wish to tell them what scripture plainly calls them to do?  Our Bishops, boards, and agencies have left themselves woeful unprepared to meet a challenge such as this. They can offer only disparate statements rooted in ad hoc opinions from a people who are not of one mind. It is tragic because I know how sincerely they hurt for the people. I believe they greatly desire to bring the healing. I suspect that some of them remember the way. But, they will no more be permitted to bring that message than David could be permitted to build the temple. Yet, God has not left us without hope. There is a balm, but it must come from the pews and pulpits.

Return. Return to the Church. Return to the Eucharist. Return to the living God truly present. Return in silence, and learn to love. Welcome all those who are returning.

(Original post is here)

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