New Look: Old Preacher


During a brief social media hiatus I enjoyed  one of my favorite pastimes. I spent time with a two year old. We drew rainbows in the sand.

Lots of rainbows. We got to lie down and make sand angels. We looked for rocks and discovered fun things to do with a stick. With the help of a little red wagon I was momentarily transformed into a unicorn carrying a princess to her home.

I have a maxim on this page, “Always be reading a book that is much older than you are.” I would like to add a corollary: “Always look for time to play with someone much younger than you are.”

The world is a more beautiful than it appears.  I have a former parishioner who frequently reminds me of that.


I am changing this site in both appearance and substance. I removed the title Rev from the page. I never used it in real life except for documents that required a title or in intra-conference communications. Many parishioners call me Preacher Keith. Many others, especially children, call me Papa Keith.

The reason the title appeared in the first place goes back to my earliest days in social media.  This blog was intended for about 50 to 100 readers who knew me well. There is another Keith Sweat out there. I wanted a site name that my friends and parishioners could remember, that could be used across social media platforms, and (when typed into a search engine) would not lead people to the lyrics of Make It Last. It is an added advantage that it spares me from visitors looking for the lyrics to Make It Last.

That was then, this is now. It is common for a new post to reach 6,000 readers in the first few days.  That hardly makes me a social media influencer, but it is humbling given I speak to a niche within a niche in an obscure corner of cyberspace. (I don’t post dancing cat videos.) Since most of my friends are now people who never met me, I wanted a page that is more authentic. Gone are the pretentious title and the Olan Mills photograph. I have been out of my forties for a while.

The cabin in the background is where I live. My wife and I built this when I retired. I do not mean we had it built. We built it. We dug the footings, poured the concrete, and our hands were on every board, pipe, and electric cable.

It is my hermitage. I seldom go beyond the split rail fence.

I became too sarcastic in the last couple of years. I don’t like that. I don’t like that I was good at it. Truth does have an edginess to it and I do appreciate satire. But some things I have written are too hard, and I am not proud of them. If we are to learn anything from each other and if we are to find the beauty in this world, then we must develop an imagination that is greater than our bitterness.

I expect to continue some commentary on current events. By nature those essays will cause some to take offense. I suggest they go play with a two year old for a while.  Get an imagination.

I hope to write more on the beauty in the Christian faith. I want to focus more on life inside the circle and less on what is on the  outside. The world really is more beautiful than it appears.

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