At Noon on Friday, Dr Carl Hoefler

This 1983 publication is back in print…and for only $7.95. A few years ago I published excerpts from the book after being unable to get any reply from the last known publisher. Since the book is now available (and at a ridiculously low price) I have removed those posts. Here is how I introduced At Noon on Friday at that time.

There are saints of the Church whose life and words have healed many wounded souls and guided multitudes safely to heaven’s shore. Perhaps in the world to come they are the equivalent of Medal of Honor winners in spiritual warfare or Nobel Prize recipients for eternal peacemaking. Too often, however, in this world their good name and inspirational words are interred with their bones. This ought not be the case — especially for Rev. Hoefler.

In 1983 the late Reverend Dr. Richard Carl Hoefler (1922-1999), a distinguished Professor of Worship and Preaching at the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (LTSS) and Dean of the Chapel, published a series of Lenten reflections titled At Noon On Friday.
As I have experienced spiritual unrest from the conflicts in my home denomination, I have turned back to Dr. Hoefler’s writing and a memory of the one chance encounter we had in the early 1990’s. Here, I again find my center in Christ.
This particular publication has been out of print for almost forty years. I have an old public domain Rich Text format version that was downloaded from the LTSS website in the late 90’s. Today, when I searched the LTSS website for Carl Hoefler it returned “No Results.” Oh, how far that is from the truth of his life or his service to that seminary. I cannot locate a source anywhere to direct you for a repositoryof his work. Last year, just before Lent, I contacted the last known publisher many times expressing my desire and intent to post portions of these sermons and asked if they had any reason to object. I never received a response.
It is unfortunate that no one finds it financially profitable to reproduce this collection which is of great value to the saints. Each Monday in Lent I intend, God willing, to offer on this site one of the seven reflections of Dr. Hoefler from the fair use electronic version. The sermons are timeless. They are as fresh as the azalea blossoms out my window and as ancient as Zacheis’ sycamore.

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