UMC Separation Primer: It’s Not About Cats or Sex


(24 March 2022 — This essay was originally posted as part 1 of 2. Documentation for this post is found on this site in UMC Separation Primer part 2: It’s About Elephants)

If you are just tuning in to the UMC separation discussions then here is a quick primer. This is for those who are likely in the traditional/evangelical/orthodox alliance of the United Methodist Church (even though you may not be sure what those terms mean). First thing you need to know is it is not about cats or sex.

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UMC Protocol:That’s Still Lucy Holding the Football

screenshot_20191102-120232_photosI want to support the Protocol. It is the best of available options, but when it comes to protections for the local church it is seriously lacking. It relies on our institutions implementing it in good faith and as intended. Unless this fatal flaw is addressed then completing the Traditional Plan is the only option when dealing with noncompliant and corrupt institutions.

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Killing in Self-defense: It’s a given—except when it isn’t

(For other reflections on the sanctity of life refer to the home page for the series Everybody Wants to Kill Somebody)

My wife and I raised eight girls through their teenage years. I impressed upon more than one young man that Christianity is not an altogether non-violent religion. There are occasions where we are  permitted—even expected—to use reasonable and proportionate force when necessary to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and anyone else in our vicinity who is threatened by a strong and unjust power. Continue reading “Killing in Self-defense: It’s a given—except when it isn’t”